/ Marketing Designer

Brand Dev / UX / UI / HTML / CSS / JS

Business–to–Business Responsive Web

Osmosis is a start-up reshaping the future of medical education. Their product helps medical students in multiple disciplines learn complex concepts easier and retain more information.

I was contracted to help develop the B2B brand and create a product-lead approach to marketing components, including responsive web pages, ad creative, 1-pagers, case studies, and booth graphics for shows / conferences.

Review & Redefine

By comparing previous strategies with the actual steps taken from A to B, it's easier to identify, address, and fortify weak points in strategy moving forward.

Design Exploration

As we worked through the project, the goals evolved to be more precise, the brand direction became more clear, and the project became user-centered by focusing more on highlighting the product.

Review & Redefine: Brand

Osmosis' B2B brand and strategy were based off of their B2C best practices. The B2C target market is 22 to 28 year-old students while the target market for B2B is 40 to 70 year-old faculty, administrators, and deans. Not only does the demographic differences require a different style, but the B2B target audience is dealing with a different set of pain points than the B2C audience. Osmosis B2B brand needed to separate itself from the B2C brand and strategy.

Review & Redefine: Strategy

To lead with product, we first had to identify what problems Osmosis' product actually solved for their audience. By learning directly from the customer, we were able to craft a product-driven website with messaging tailored to address the pain-points of the target audience.

Main Pain Points

Lack of engagement from their students

A new generation of student (“modern” nursing student) with a more negative attitude

Lack of tools to deal with a “flipped” classroom caused by the pandemic

Design Exploration

With clear direction, we know the target audience is busy, wants to see how the product works and can solve their problems. Through a product-led approach with an updated brand strategy, we explored layouts to directly target the pain points with solutions, without the extra clutter and cheesy marketing lingo. We wanted to give our audience instant solutions to their problems so they could take the next step and request a demo with the sales team.

Bring it Together


With clear direction, conversion rates went from 9% with the previous B2B page to 24% with the new brand and design. The B2B page is now driving more volume and better quality leads by listening to the customers to craft messaging and a layout that is product-focused.

Experience it for yourself at osmosis.org/nursing.