Badger Technologies
/ Product Designer

Prototyping / User Testing / UX / UI Design

InSight Portal

Badger brought me onto the team to lead their design initiative, focusing on user interface design and user experience for their product portals. Badger's InSight solution uses automated robots to deliver daily shelf-health information to retailers by identifying out–of–stock, misplaced, and mis–priced merchandise. The InSight portal gives the user isle-by-isle views of their store, highlighting issues by product.

I was tasked with redesigning the InSight portal to move from an issue-focused reporting system to a viewport-focused system, working with the Angular Material framework.


Learning the product in-and-out, speaking with power-users to discover pain-points / wish list, and meeting with stake-holders regularly was key to the discovery process as the project was evolving day to day.

Learning, Exploring, & Ideating

Learning the product solution, understanding the goals defined, speaking with power-users to discover pain-points / wish list items, and meeting with stake-holders regularly is essential to projects with as many touch–points.

I began with with fresh wire-frames so I could ideate and refine quickly from input, changes in scope, and feedback.

Prototyping & Testing

Once we established a solid base, I developed working prototypes and we did multiple rounds of testing and refining, continually meeting with stake–holders to ensure we were in-line with direction, addressing bottle–necks, and hitting milestones.

Bring it Together

Current InSight portal in production. We continue to test, iterate, and refine as the product evolves and scales.